Competition: Di-Generic Cities: Los Angeles     |    2019

Winner of People’s Choice Award

Di - Generic Cities: Los Angeles

Team:  Kevin Guerrero, HouSheng Wang,

Kenza Abourraja, Jiawei Ji

In a world ruled by the connection between technology and the human experience, Los Angeles in the year 2200 will be a center point of entertainment in the world. With developments in technology, Los Angeles has become a utopia for both the physical residents as well as an oasis for the virtual avatars that invisibly walk the streets. With G.E.N. (Global Entertainment Nucleus) we focus on how to use architecture to fuse the worlds and experiences of both the physical and the virtual with the intent of design with a reflection of the island’s history as well as showcasing why the island will push entertainment into the future in the year 2200. 

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