Academic Project    |    2019

Seminar Assignment at SCI-Arc
Instructor: Dwayne Oyler

Partner: Liu Qiao, Yunfei Cao

This course is an investigation into the future of the architecture detail. Beginning with the question, “what is an architecture detail today?“, the course considered a range of critical positions on the issue, and tests their outcome through the design and fabrication of an architecture detail. Base on the five architectural detail definitions outlined by Edward Ford, each student will be asked to position themselves through the 5 categories - or to place themselves between more than one of them. Drawings from that position on the topic, students are then asked to design (and construct at half of full scale) an architectural detail. We specifically studied OPERABLES.


The way that the Folding Door move is inspired by a method of paper folding called reversed folded. The subdivision of the surface allows the door to be opened and closed by the motion of folding. The main structure of the door is made with 3/8 inches baltic birch plywood and be connected with copper hinges. The door is fixed with steel bolt, go through a bearing and holded on the wall with hex nut. The walnut veneer on the door hides the hinges to keep the cleanness of the finish surface.