OBM Headquarter Expansion Design
Academic Project    |    2020

Design Studio Project at SCI-Arc
Instructor: Tom Wiscombe

AT: Sam Flower

Partner: KaiYing "Kenji" Lin

The thing about the architecture models is that they represent things at another scale. For us, when the architecture exists in the real scale, we look into the programs, the constructions, and the spaces. By contrast, when the architecture exists in the model kit world, it follows the model kit logic. The model kit focus on the features of the original object instead of the real construction methodology. It exaggerates the playful elements in the real world.


Our OBM Headquarter Expansion Design is based on the Castle Hedingham model kit we made.
The Castle Hedingham is located in Essex, England. In the plans – we can see some spiky profiles, thick walls, and in the section, there are some fireplaces that hide in the ground floor’s wall. In contrast, the exterior of the castle is very muted. The difference between the interior and the exterior is what we focused on. For the midterm, we had made two model kits. The deluxe model kit is developed from the Castle Hedingham, and the one that we call the “dark version” is developed from the deluxe model kit.
Base on the two model kits we have, we worked on the OBM Headquarter Expansion Design in Columbus, Ohio.

The unboxing video of the deluxe model kit shows how we break down the castle and play the exterior, inlays, and liners to make them lively. We are not only trying to emphasize the features of the fireplace, the window, and the spiral staircase into a different unique entity, but keep it developing to a recognizable model, and reveal the secret of the castle interior. In the dark version, we attempt to utilize the other parts in the deluxe model kit to reassemble an unrecognizable and different quality of a model, which is helping us to deeply think over the scale between a model kit and real architecture. The purpose of this methodology is that shows the possibility of the project on-site.

In the model kit drawing world, the model is scaleless. The scale is blurred. The parts are scaled, duplicated, and be assembled together to become components. All these components have the potential and opportunity to shape a new project. Like we play with the models, the parts act as proto-architecture to engage the site and develop programs.
The breakdown of our OBM Headquarter Expansion design is like an instructional drawing that put in the model kit box, it re-understands the architecture from a model perspective.