Academic Project    |    2018

Design Studio Project at SCI-Arc

Instructor: Marcelyn Gow

Partner: Siyu Zheng

Taking the cabinet of curiosities or wunderkammer of the future as a point of departure, this workshop was operated under the premise that collecting and curation will increasingly become ineluctable facets of the way we produce architecture. Perusing the OED, one finds that curiosity is defined as: sb. 1. Carefulness, scrupulousness, accuracy; undue niceness or subtlety. 2. A desire to know or learn; inquisitiveness. 3. Scientific or artistic interest; connoisseurship. 10. A curious detail or feature. 11. Anything curious, rare or strange. Curio is defined as: sb. 1. An object of art valued as a curiosity or rarity.

We began with a process of digitally extracting details measuring 16’ x 10’ x16’ from a site in Downtown Los Angeles using the Agisoft 3D scanning software. The site is the Bonaventure Hotel. We transformed details extracting from the site into a curio object whereby the object can be understood both at 1:1 scale and as a portion of the original building. In this case, we captured a intersection of column and beam, balcony, a part of stairs, and a decorated wall. We tried to deconstruct and recombine them in 1:1 scale as a prototype of a flower shop.