Academic Project    |    2019

Seminar Assignment at SCI-Arc
Instructor: Damjan Jovanovic, Angelica Lorenzi

“​As we look around the modern world, we see the ghosts of other conventional distinctions, which now appear as arbitrary as the borders on our phones. On the internet, the gap between next door and next continent implodes. Northern Baroque paintings, Triassic fossils and yesterday’s op-eds are tabs on the same browser. Raised by a global chorus of voices, our identities are voluntary, malleable and unprescribed. We are everywhere, anytime and everyone at once.​”


- Thom Bettridge, Joerg Koch and Lucas Mascatello. 
The Big Flat Now ​ Op-Ed, 032c Magazine

The seminar focused on a problem of formally representing knowledge in the age of the “big flat now”. If the classical ideas of ordering, indexing and systematic and functional organization were tied to the idea of encyclopedia as the possibility of fully describing, understanding and ordering the world, the seminar shifts its focus towards ideas of accumulation and aggregation as a new formal language that conceptualizes the internet as a new model of knowledge.